• BD Wellness Centre

      The eHealth Strategy Office is partnering with CREST.BD to design and develop an online Wellness Centre for people with bipolar disorder and for health care professionals to support self-management of this condition.
    • Collaborative Advantage in Action: InspireNet

      A collaboration to assist in the evaluation of a growing electronic community that aims to develop capacity for nursing health services research in BC.
    • eHealth and Innovative Technology Showcase (eHITS) 2015

      eHITs 2015 on May 9th builds on the inaugural eHITS 2014 to showcase the most practical and applicable eHealth technologies and innovations relevant to BC health care providers today.
    • eHealth: Using Technology for Health and Wellness

      The eHealth Strategy Office is working with the BC Ministry of Health Patients as Partners to promote eHealth literacy in BC by increasing awareness and use. Both patients and health care providers can use eHealth to achieve faster, better and safer care.
    • Gender Specific Health Risk Awareness Through Online Self Assessment

      An online risk assessment survey guides participants through health questions to self-assess their potential risk for certain chronic diseases using evidence-based indicators.
    • Health-e-Apps

      A series of video clips where selected health and wellness apps are reviewed by Dr. Kendall Ho to highlight mobile apps which may enable medical and health professionals to help their patients monitor and manage their health.
    • Health is Happiness

      Health is Happiness focusses on addressing the growing burden of chronic disease by studying ways to increase knowledge and use of clinical prevention services.
    • InterCultural Online Health Network (iCON)

      iCON projects bring health care experts to communicate information in a variety of languages to community members about chronic disease prevention and management.
    • Learning for Life: Raising eHealth Literacy in BC

      This project aims to educate senior elementary students and possibly early high school students and their parents about the use of eHealth tools as a step to increase eHealth literacy.
    • Mobile Digital Access to a Web-Enhanced Network (mDAWN)

      mDAWN is a research study looking at how mobile technology can help individuals manage diabetes.
    • MoodFX: Working with Depression

      MoodFx is an interactive mobile website designed to address gaps in recognizing and treating work-related impairments in working individuals with depression and anxiety.
    • Remote Assessment Via Video Evaluation (Ravve)

      Explores the use of videorecorded patient interviews as a method of physician peer review and assessment for the purposes of professional development for physicians.
    • South Asian eHealth Literacy

      This research study funded by the Vancouver Foundation aims to understand what support members of Surrey’s South Asian community need in order to use eHealth tools to manage and prevent chronic diseases.
    • S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Hepatitis B Public Education Program

      This interactive workshop series responds to the need for accessible information on Hepatitis B among at-risk immigrant populations in B.C

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